Eureka Seven AO: Attack the Legend has flashbacks from the original Eureka Sevenand the feature film Pocketful of Rainbows. In situation mode you can select Holland or Renton & Eureka for a three stage battle. Stage one has players fight against a MS10. In stage two you have to take down anti-Coralian and finally in stage three it’s a battle with type the End plus a MS10.

Situation mode for Pocketful of Rainbows has Renton fight anti-Coralian, a MS20 + MS10, then the Devilfish S. Eureka Seven AO’s situation has Ao, Fleur, and Elena as playable characters. The three stage battle is versus Secret, Option, and then Secret + Option.

In mission mode, players can set up fights between LFOs from different anime series. You can play mission mode solo or with a friend by select tag mission.

Eureka Seven: Attack the Legend, a bonus video game in the Eureka Seven hybrid disc, is a 3D mecha action game with characters from the original anime series and Eureka Seven AO. Here’s who you can play as in situation, mission or challenge mode:

Renton Thurston, Eureka, Holland Novak, and Anemone from Eureka Seven.
Ao Fukai, Elena Peoples, and Fleur Blanc from Eureka Seven AO.
Namco Bandai also included different LFO units to pilot like: RA272 Nirvash, Nirvash type Zero, RA301 Kyrie, Nirvash type theEnd, and RA164 Alleluia.

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